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Easter blessings ...................  / Maria
Happy Easter Jacob~  / Sue~ Mom To Ashley Trapp

Easter Morn

Easter morn with lilies fair

Fills the church with perfumes rare,

As their clouds of incense rise,

Sweetest offerings to the skies.

Stately lilies pure and white

Flooding darkness with their light,

Bloom and sorrow drifts away,

On this holy hallow'd day.

Easter Lilies bending low

in the golden afterglow,

Bear a message from the sod

To the heavenly towers of God

By Louise Lewin Matthews

God Bless Your Family & Friends,
Sue, Ashley’s Mom

happy easter  / Sharon

Happy Easter  / Lisa Mum Of Angel Tyler Smith

Happy Easter  / Family Of William Myers

Happy Easter Jake 
God Bless 

Happy Easter Laurie & Family 
God Bless 

St. Patrick's Day Wishes  / Dianne/Mom Of Angel Nicholas White (Friend)

Hello Laurie,

I have kept you and Jake close to my heart this week. I had wondered if our sons had their services scheduled for the same days and you answered that yesterday in your tribute. It makes you wonder if there is any relief. Your comment that you can't just turn off their angel dates is a fact. There are all the moments leading up (in Nicky's case days) and then all the days after with all that entailed. I sat at Nicky's grave for awhile today by myself. Last year rain started as we arrived at the cemetery and ended when Nicky's graveside service ended. I remember thinking even the angels in heaven are crying with us. Today the sun was shining and warmed me as if from love coming from the heavens above. I don't know what the days ahead will hold for us but fear the hardest is yet ahead. I know myself it seems I have spent nearly a year of living in a daze. Perhaps I knew the pain was too unbearable to face. Perhaps it's all been in God's hands and He will let me feel it as I can deal with it. I know I call upon Him frequently for help and seems He is always there. I pray He watches over both of us for all the tomorrows we must still face. 
Take care, my friend. 


Thinking of you...  / Melissa Munsen (friend of Laurie and Roger )

Laurie and Roger,
What a WONDERFUL tribute you have made for Jake.  He is so proud of you!  I was thinking of you today and the time we shared at the last TCF meeting.  Thank you for sharing Jake with us and his favorite pizza from Godfathers and the mint chip ice cream.  He sure had good taste  I pray you are comforted by your memories.  (((hugs)))

Thinking of you and Jake  / Annette Wappes (Angel Mom of Burdett )
Dear Laurie,
Thank you so much for visiting Burd's web site, lighting candles and the kind, thoughtful words you gave to me. I appreciate it so much. Yes, we have a lot in common as to the way our son's passed on, and my heart breaks for you and with you also. It isn't fair that our boys were taken from us because they got sick. One could almost understand if it had been from a car accident but to go to bed sick and never wake up again, seems somehow more cruel. Especially, when others had the same thing a week or so before them and they're fine. Makes no sense.
I'm sure that Jake and Burd are up in heaven having a great time together, and because of what happened to them, they have allowed us to meet in our grief and loss.  
Jake was such a handsome, considerate, beloved young man and you can take pride in what he accomplished. However, that doesn't stop you from missing him all the more, wondering what he would be like today. I know I feel the same way about Burd.  
I was so angry at the dr and school nurse for not taking better care of him, I was so angry at God for taking him away from me, just when he got his life together and things seemed to be going so much better for him. I was so angry at myself because I felt I didn't make the correct choices to help him get better. It's taken a long time but, I know I did the best I could; that doesn't stop me from feeling guilty tho. Someday, I may feel different about that, too. 
Unconditional love is what I got from Burd, and I miss that so much. I know that you received that from Jake also. The beautiful smiles that lit up the room, the great hugs, and telling you he loves you. That's a lot to lose; but we know we will see them again someday and it will all be good.
God Bless you and your family and our boys.
Peace to you.

Hope you like this:

May you be comforted by beautiful memories of precious Jacob  / Janet (Mom To Nicholas Piccolo)
Sending prayers to you during this trying time of your 1st angel day
Thinking of you  / Lisa Mum To Angel Tyler Smith

Dear Jacob And Family

Thinking of you and your precious family on your first angel day, My son Tyler died on the 3rd march 2006 from meningicocal meningitis at the tender age of five,I have to belive that one day i will see my baby boy again, so i'm sure that you will all meet again in heaven one day,life is so hard these days but the memory of my son keeps me going and so does my four year old daughter.
Once again thinking of you all at this difficult time,my heart goes out to you all tomorrow.

Happy Birthday Jake  / Jenny Tavendale Mum To Ross

Jake thinking of you on your special Day and sending love to your special family and hope that you will stay close by after the party!

Happy Birthday, Jake  / Dianne/Mom Of Angel Nicholas White

I'm sending up my Happy Birthday wishes to heaven in hopes that they arrive on time to let you know I'm thinking of you and praying you have a glorious birthday in heaven. I pray your family feels your presense with them as they celebrate here on earth.


I can't find the words, Jake  / Mom
My beautiful baby boy (I know you woudn't appreciate me saying that) . . . everytime I try to think of what to say to you on this birthday, I just can't find the words.  All it is  . . . it's just every beat of my heart, every breath that I still unwillingly take . . .  All I want to do is hug you on your birthday.  Yeah, I know you wouldn't like that, either . . . I know that you would say, "Leavemealone!" the way you always said it like it was all one word.  I remember the last time you actually let me hug you.  You were leaving for Sioux City to go see Luke.  Thanks for that.  It has to last me a long, long time, I guess. . .So, please celebrate your 19th birthday in the very best way, with so many awesome people up there with you.  This time, I don't even have to say, "Don't get into any trouble!"  Eat lots of chicken sandwhiches and yell it all you want.  Eat lots of mint chip ice cream, grin and laugh your wonderful laugh . . .it will always echo in my heart.  I love you so much, Jake.  I can't wait to see you again. . .
Thinking of You  / Jenny Tavendale
A Letter to my Son on his 19th birthday.  / Roger Dreier (Dad)
I'll call it " Just What We Wanted."

To my son, Jacob (Jake),
This Is your birth week. 19 years old March 8th.  You started out as a10# baby boy that day you were born in 1988, and grew into a perfect young man: son, grandson, brother, uncle, nephew, cousin and best friend.  "Just what we wanted."

From driving Tonkas, tractors, trikes and bikes to your own car, from throwing blocks to throwing baseballs, from climbing things in the house to climbing ladders helping me. "Just what we wanted." 

4-H brought you 9 years of award after award, blue ribbons to purple grand champion ribbons. County fair to State fair, your art and woodworking projects would be shown. "Just what we wanted."

Sports introduced you to soccer. You were very competitive and as we said, "Quietly Effective."  One year we saw you get to play on the same team with your big brother as 1/2 of the "Bash Brothers."  Football became your favorite, in the backyard with Luke and his older friends, the recesses at school, and finally some real play, flag football with Coach Hill.  Later this went to Jr.High football with Coach Munden.  And finally High School Football with Coaches Radke, Peck, Fry and Demars.

You entered as a 9th grader small in size and #87 jersey fit big. 10th grade saw you gain size, but wait, look at this 11th grader? Then came the summer before your senior year, big brother Luke and you lifted and ate and lifted and ate somemore. You became a mountain of a man and a force on your Bulldog team playing lineman both ways. "Just what we wanted." 

Along with the BMX bike you bought, skateboarding became your passion. You skated, studied videos and magazines, tried tricks and mastered them, taught and inspired others. Got up before dawn so you and Keith could get to a park before anyone else that day.  You skated, broke decks and trucks, and wore out wheels and bearings.  Skatepark to skatepark, you seemed to find them all.  Brother and friends went along.

At 16 you bought Luke's first car the "Batmobile" as you two called it.  But it soon wore out, so you got your white Corsica for a crazy low price. Tinkering with this, buying parts, visiting junk yards for parts and accessories was part of your plan for the car. You would show me what you had done to it next and I would tell you more than once "Jake you're amazing!" "Just what we wanted."

Your artistic ability got you thinking about your future and college was a definte possibility. College classes for traditional art and graphic design would be among those taken. "Just what we wanted."

Friends are important to you.  Online, at work or play and at school.  From making pizza to rogueing and detassling, you made jobs fun for you and your friends, both old and new ones you easily made and forever kept.  And by your intense desire to entertain them and by just being you.  "Just what we wanted."

Being an uncle and having two nephews, Logan and Ethan, loving you and looking up to their big uncle.  From the teasing and horsing around to the quiet times makes you special in their eyes and hearts. "Just what we wanted."

We are so proud of you and love you so much. This is why not a day goes by that you aren't missed, and we want you back. That way you could have the things you were supposed to have.  No matter what we enjoyed seeing you accomplish, no matter what you did, or didn't do, Jake, you are just what we always wanted.

Happy 19th Birthday in Heaven, Jacob.

Wishing we could celebrate with you.
Love you forever!


God Bless  / Family Of William Myers   Read >>
God Bless  / Family Of William Myers

Happy St. Patrick's Day

It's been a year  / Erin (Sister)  Read >>
It's been a year  / Erin (Sister)

I sit here tonight, reading all your words and feeling your saddness (and joy of your memories).  I am amazed at it you all; dumb-founded actually at your ability to write so elegantly about Jake.  
    It has been nearly a year since Jake passed away.  I have had DAYS of crying, months to think, and more pain to feel than I can stand.  I have spent hours trying to figure out some poetic way to express my feelings for my brother, but I am at a loss.  

               Big sister, Erin, taking care of baby Jake, six weeks old

     I miss Jake more than anyone will ever know.  You see, I am his sister, but with the age difference, my memories are a bit different.  We never really fought.  I spent a lot of my time taking care of him.   I felt like I needed to protect him from his much bigger, older brother.  (For those of you who don't remember, Luke was a pretty solid kid from the get go - the biggest of us all.  Jake was skrawny like Nathan and I.)  Don't get me wrong, he never ran from the fight - in fact, he made Luke cry like a little girl more than once. I did always have my eye on him, however.  Sure, he did some crazy things, but most of the time, he pulled those crazy things off.  I always saw him as the little, skrawny kid.  After his summer of eating A LOT and lifting, I had a really hard time seeing him with all the muscle.  In my minds eye, he was still a little kid.  ("lil' fella" <--  he hated that).  But, in the blink of an eye, he had grown up.    I wouldn't say he "grew" into a gentle, strong, genuine man.  He was always that way.  
      As you know, my family is of a passionate breed.  We are a little loud and over-the-top from time to time.  Some may even say "over-reacters".   Jake was different. He, too,  was an extremely passionate person, but he was quiet and steady about it.  That is my favorite memory of him.  He had constant, genuine passion.
                              My tears are my poetry.
My passion to be a good mother is my dedication to my little brother.

            Erin's son, Logan, the fire fighter for Halloween, & Uncle Jake

You are always in my thoughts  / Ann -. Granny 2. Angel Adam Lutz   Read >>
You are always in my thoughts  / Ann -. Granny 2. Angel Adam Lutz

When troubles come, the best of us
So very often find
It’s hard to fight the loneliness
And keep our peace of mind…
The skies that once looked bright and blue
All see a cloudy gray -----
That wondrous thing called happiness
Sprouts wings and flies away…
The little joys that pleased us so
Are pleasing us no more.
We feel that nothing specially nice
Could knock at our front door…

If we only we would look around,
For then we’d surely see
That others wish to understand
And offer sympathy….
Why, every suffering we endure
Has so many counterparts
For sadness plays no favorites----
It troubles many hearts….
And only through our deep resolve
To comfort one another
Will we be given strength and hope
From one day to the other….
So when it seems some special trial
Is very hard to hear
Let’s find a ray of sunshine
By remembering ---others care!

-Doris Faulhaber-

I think of you and your family often.   Ann Dobies
Jake <3  / Samme De Laho (Good Friend )  Read >>
Jake <3  / Samme De Laho (Good Friend )
Jake was a GREAT person who brought light to everyone's day. He had completely random things to say and if you were in a bad mood, it was a guarantee that you wouldn't be in one anymore once you were done talking to him. The greatest person I know. 

To Jake-
To think, it's almost been a year. I have missed you sooo much. It's not even funny. We knew eachother for several years and grew so close. I never had a boring conversation with you. We'd talk every day and every day we'd come up with something lame and random! Like our cheese conversation, I still say I was right. The only thing I regret is that I never got to tell you how much I cared for you. You became one of my closest friends and I loved you. You're a great guy. There hasn't been a day that's passed that I have not thought about you. I miss you like crazy.

Love always,

For Every Moment  / Carla Hannibal (Another Grieving Mom )  Read >>
For Every Moment  / Carla Hannibal (Another Grieving Mom )
For Happy moments, praise God.
For Difficult moments, seek God.
For Quiet moments, worship God.
For Painful moments, trust God.
For Every moment shared with Jacob, thank God. Close
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