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Your memory will live on forever...  / Cindy~B.J., Wayne &. Bucks Mama

Remembering you today and always Jake. Your's was a life that ended much too soon!

Love hugs and prayers for your family, Cindy

HAPPY BIRTHDAY  / Diane/Mom To Angel Jimmy Brozzetti
Happy Birthday Jake! March 8th  / Cindy~B.J., Wayne &. Bucks Mama


I'll never understand why you had to go so soon. Life just doesn't make sense to me sometimes. But I do know you're happy and healthy in Heaven and your birthday celebration is going to be wonderful. I'm sending much love and prayers to your family, I know it's so sad for them with you not here.

Love hugs and prayers, Cindy

Happy St. Patrick's Day  / Family Of Wm. Scott Myers

God Bless  / Family Of Wm. Scott Myers

Happy Birthday  / Family Of Wm. Scott Myers

Happy Birthday Jake..God Bless

Thinking about you Jacob  / Sue~ Mom To Ashley Trapp

Thinking about you and your family Jacob, they love and miss you so much.

Sue, Ashley's Mom
Remembering Jacob  / Carol Pizzi (Angel Debbie's Mom )

Remembering Jacob  / Carol Pizzi (Angel Debbie's Mom )

Happy Birthday Jacob!  / Carol Pizzi (Angel Debbie's Mom )

Poem - "Letter To God"  / Michele Linn (friend)

Michele wrote this and put it in a frame for us.  It is precious to us.  We know Jake is taking good care of his baby neice, Grace.   Thank you, Michele, for all your caring.
Dear God,
Why did you take Jake from us and make us cry?
We never were given the chance to say Goodbye.
He tried so hard; he gave all he had,
And here we all are very sad . . .
We feel you ripped us off,
You took him way too soon.
It seemed his life was just beginning,
And now you left us all in gloom.
We are asking you GOD . . . Why?
Why did you take Jake
and make us cry?

God replied . . .
My dear children,
There's a little baby here. she needs him, too.
His work on earth was done, you see.
Jake's family has been lost; I hold the key.
We are busy up here; lots of babies to hold just for me.
I never meant to make you sad
You see, I needed Jake really bad.
Jake took me by the hand you see
He met me half way and said, "Lead Me."
My children, I've only one reason WHY?
JAKE has got his wings . . .
and now he can fly . . .
                                 With all My Love,
A couple things I wrote about Jake  / Luke Dreier (Brother)

This is what I wrote for Jacob's wake:

I am asked to write about what I will always love and what I will miss most about my little brother. Where do I even start? Maybe that I have never ever had someone in my life closer to me than Jacob or loved and adored anyone more. He was everything to me, and now it feels like he was ripped from me without any type of closure. I am not whole now, and I never will be again. I don’t know why this happened and Jake himself would think it to be stupid to sit there and question this. Jake was the greatest and kindest, most genuine person I have ever known in my life. I know this is coming from me, his older brother, but it’s true. For eighteen years I stood by Jacob’s side and he grew from a skinny child to a man, loved by everyone he knew. Jake was always there for me, including times when I really could not talk to anyone else, or when no one else other than him would understand.

I honestly don’t know what to say other than this, and how torn apart inside I feel, that I lost a part of myself with Jake. All I want to make known is I love my little brother dearly, and will never ever live down what has happened. I would do anything to have him back with me, beside me again, with all of us again. Jacob and I always walked together, and now I walk alone. He truly showed me his character and just what kind of a man he was this past summer when I asked him to work out with me everyday in between hot hours in a corn field and more hot hours in a pizza place. Everyday, even though he was tired, he worked with me as hard as possible; sometimes to the breaking point. I watched him transform physically into a mountain of a man, to go with the heart of gold, and soul of a god that he always had inside. 


The work he did with me was not what summed up Jake, but it was that 3 months where I truly learned how much Jake was made of. I felt it my duty my whole life to not let anything touch Jake, or to harm him, and I feel cheated to have been beaten in this task. I know this isn’t something that should be said at a person’s wake but the last few days everyone has wanted to know how it feels for me, and how I am doing. For me this is the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. However, we are all here to honor Jacob, and to do so we need to remember how well rounded of an individual he was. 

Jacob was amazing it seemed, at whatever he touched. I know now that he will forever be with me, inside of my heart and by my side during the storms that will follow me now for a very long time to come. Jake will bring the sunshine back I know. I love you so much, and am going to miss you more than any amount of words I can put here Jake, my brother, my best friend. Half of me is now gone, but that half of me, Jacob, will live on inside of me, and all of us forever. If it’s one thing I ask of all of you, please never ever forget my little brother.


As the sun sets on this empty road another day ends without your song.
As the red sky turns to black I look up at the stars over this empty highway.
You know I miss you, you know I have needed you all along.
I look at the stars, connect the constelations trying to see you from far away.

In this dark sky, I see my lonely reflection, maybe a message you could be sending me.
My other half gone far away, to where there is no pain. Left this dark world behind.
I still love you my brother. I know you are with me even though I cant see.
I know now that my other half is gone, but these memories strong in heart and mind.

I miss you more with each passing day.
I had so much left I needed to tell you my brother.
So much more that I needed to say.
I miss you and need you…


memorial flower arrangement  / Kelli (cousin)
Jake's cousin, Kelli, has been studying to become a florist.  She worked hard to include many elements to commemorate Jake in this arrangement for her show.  Included is a special remembrance poem and picture of Jake, Jake's special black and red colors, things about football, music, and skateboarding.  Even the green box it's in means something special - Jake's "inside joke" about his plans to build "a box" for the fair.  Kelli, thank you for your beautiful tribute!

pencil drawing  / From Susan (cousin)
This is the pencil drawing Jake's cousin, Susan, made for a 4-H project.  It is a labor of love and beautiful tribute.  We were especially touched when she gave us the actual drawing and the ribbons she received for it!  Thank you, Susan.

Remembering Jake Always...♥  / Cindy~B.J., Wayne And Bucks Mama   Read >>
Remembering Jake Always...♥  / Cindy~B.J., Wayne And Bucks Mama

Happy Birthday Jake  / Cindy~B.J., Wayne And Buck's Mama   Read >>
Happy Birthday Jake  / Cindy~B.J., Wayne And Buck's Mama

Happy Birthday Jake, make sure my boys help you celebrate big today. Sending lots of love to you and your family and holding all of you close to my heart now and always...♥

~Forever Remembered~Never Forgotten~  / CATHY GIRAUD   Read >>
~Forever Remembered~Never Forgotten~  / CATHY GIRAUD

Remembering Jake  / Cindy~B.J., Wayne And Bucks Mama   Read >>
Remembering Jake  / Cindy~B.J., Wayne And Bucks Mama

Those we love live on in our hearts forever. Sending gentle hugs to your family Jake.
Happy Birthday Jake  / Cindy~B.J., Wayne And Bucks Mama   Read >>
Happy Birthday Jake  / Cindy~B.J., Wayne And Bucks Mama

Sending you Happy Birthday wishes Jake and lots of love and prayers for your family.

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